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Fort Myers Pool Builders

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  • When it was time to get a pool we went with Fountain Pools. I would recommend them highly. They are efficient, worked in a timely fashion, and gave us what we wanted. I would recommend Fountain Pools to anybody. The best design for the money.
    Victor and Suzanne Scargowski
  • They (Fountain Pools) impress you with all the different concepts they can do. We really love our pool. We made a good decision by having Fountain Pools build it for us.
    Diana Jenson
  • Everybody was satisfied. They (Fountain Pools) are well known. We had a great experience and I highly recommend Fountain Pools. They took care of business in a professional manner. The price was good and we liked the service.
    Camilo and Susan Jencal
  • We love our pool. When my friends and family come over their reaction is "Wow"! Fountain Pools is a mainstay. I would definitely recommend them. Fountain Pools has a great computer program that lets you see your pool. It is state of the art. It made it easy.
    Mike Brophy
  • I love our swimming pool. It definitely improved the value of our house. It was done quickly. We enjoy it (our pool) winter and summer. Fountain Pools was highly recommended to us. I would definitely recommend them.
    Pat and John Haley
  • Fountain Pools had the best options. They were reliable, top nock work, fair price and good quality. It (our pool) adds to our living space. They offered us a lot of choices and options. The pool has been an amazing feature added to our house. Fountain Pools gave us the most direct information and the best quality options.
    Lisa Kitchener
  • This is my third pool with Fountain Pools. They do a great job in a timely manner.
    Kim Huessner
  • Quality is so important. Fountain Pools does an excellent job. They gave me exactly what I wanted. Quality, quality, quality. When they build your pool, it is like they are building their own pool. Customers love Fountain Pools; they do quality work. There is no doubt in my mind that we would use Fountain Pools.
    Donna Simmons
  • I choose Fountain Pools. I wanted my home to match my pool. People would say this (our pool) is nice. I did not price shop; I just wanted quality. Quality will be there for a long time. You need someone who knows what they are doing; I chose Fountain Pools.
    Pat Orr

Make The Best Pool Buying Decision Based on Facts


We know that buying or renovating a new pool or fountain is a big decision for any homeowner. It can be exciting and challenging at the same time. First, there’s deciding what styles and features you want. Then there’s the task of choosing a pool builder that you can trust.

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Swimming Pool Fort Myers

Our pools can be designed to fit any style or budget, without ever compromising on construction standards. We specialize in designing spectacular pools and fountains that are easy to maintain. Would you like some ideas? Let us send you a FREE DVD, loaded with ideas and footage of many of our beautiful pools.


Fountain Pools is a solid company, with a $5,000,000 bond rating. More than three-fourths of our 2000+ pool projects have come from referrals. That’s a lot of people bragging about their great pool-buying experience with us.


Would you like some help?  Let us send you our FREE "Pool Buyer's Idea Guide" DVD. It's loaded with ideas and photos of beautiful pools and water features, and it  will show you how a high-quality pool is supposed to be built.  You can also learn a little bit about Fountain Pools, Or get our FREE REPORT: 15 Questions To Ask Any Pool Builder.

We hope you’ll give us a chance to earn your referrals too.

We provide swimming pool including inground pools, spa design and building services in Punta Gorda, Northport, Sarasota,Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral and Bonita Springs areas of Florida.